On a good day, parenting will test the integrity of your character. On a bad day, parenting will test your will to live. Parenting children with trauma histories will cause you to test the integrity of everything and everyone you thought you knew, for the rest of your life.
~J. Skrobisz

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

PDOC appointment

A little more hippa protected disclosure in the event that it benefits other families:

-upping the resperidone by 1/2 mg
-keeping the imipramine as is
-keeping the lamictal as is
-adding tenex 1/2 mg 2 x day
-pick up OTC benadryl tongue strips for violent outbursts
-pick up Miralax to help the constipation

his thoughts on the following:
-Vistaril over Ativan but try benadryl first
-colace is the best OTC stool softener but if it offers no relief from the med induced constipation, switch to miralax
-on adding lithium to the resperidone, he only likes to do that when knows the resperidone by itself isn't helping. too many chances for side effects from drug mixing

He asked Sissy the three famous questions: "do you want to hurt yourself? Do you want to hurt others? are you hearing things or seeing things that aren't there?"[1]

He waited for Sissy's answers. She said "no" to all of them, of course. Then asked me. I said, "well, we're almost back to suicidal, and when she plays by herself, she says 'we' a lot and then there's the unpredictable violence ..."

So then the pdoc says to Sissy, "is there anything you're afraid of?"

And Sissy replied, "Yes! That'll I'll have to go back to the hospital!" (we've used that term with Sissy to explain the purpose of the RTC - a hospital for her mind and emotions)

And I love our pdoc. He said to her, "Well, we don't want you to go back either. But no one can do anything about that except you. You need to stop being so violent at home and scaring your family."

she grumbled, crossed her arms and harrumphed. as usual. Hey, at least a professional is witnessing these responses! lol

he asked about school. He is discouraged and concerned that she's not in an EBD placement. To which I said, "oh really..." because we might have some progress in that area.

Apparently, after last weekend's issues with Sissy and the constant crisis calls to the IFI team, the supervisory staff recommended that the team determine if school is causing the issues. So Ms M went to school to observe. She returned with some interesting findings and some concerns. She wants Sissy in EBD.

I said, "well, I'm just so glad you said that!" lol

The gears are turning but there is no guarantee that they'll make a complete revolution or that they'll create an impetus significant enough to get the school to agree. But you know I rushed home from the pdoc appointment to email the IFI team straight away letting them know what the doc suggests for school placement. EBD placement might be just within our grasp. And all it took was for Sissy to be violent in the home for the last seven weeks creating havoc and mayhem for the rest of us. May wonders never cease.

if nothing else, I've not lost my sense of humor. Too bad my quick wit about life with a RADish is useless on the comedy circuit. No one except RAD moms would get the jokes! Imagine THAT crowd in a comedy house - a bunch of bedraggled, half-asleep, weary women looking 10 years older than they are, some twitching, some with nervous ticks, others talking at warp speed because it was the first time they could talk about something that didn't include the RADish therapy plan and everyone drinking WAY too much because it dulls the pain ...

[1] i occassionally ask Sissy these questions at home as does her IFI team. And when I'm feeling rather punchy and/or The Dad and I are a bit miffed either by life or with each other, I like to toss out these questions to "lighten it up" some. Just for fun. Because, you know, it makes it a little less aggravating to be stuck behind a dumb driver when you realize you're not suicidal, homicidal or schizophrenic. Keepin' it real, sort of thing.


GB's Mom said...

You rock! Your persistence is off the charts! I hope you get the EBD!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Loving the idea of a RAD MOM Comedy Club!!!!
What do the Benadryl strips do for outbursts???

Jules said...

she grumbled, crossed her arms and harrumphed. as usual.

This reaction is what I don't understand, especially after you mentioned previously that she is of above average intelligence. I think it was good the way the doctor flat out told her she needs to stop being violent, etc. at home. She doesn't understand that it's her behavior that results in her being sent to the RTC?

Jennie said...

Jules, she does indeed understand what he told her. Her response was the same as she gives me when she's told the truth. She's angry, embarrassed and exasperated that it's all on her. she doesn't like to be corrected. ever. it has made her very violent in the past. In her mind, the WORLD is to be blamed for all her ills, never herself. If she ends up in RTC again because of her continued violence, she'll still insist it's someone elses fault.

Jules said...

Yeah, I completely understand your explanation but I guess it's frustrating to read about because you're working so hard to help her. You're a good Mom.

Tudu said...

I love the idea of Benedryl strips! The fact they dissolve is awesome.

Get a letter from your pdoc saying he feels she needs a psycho-educational program. Her dx and behavior at home may escalate at school and she needs to be surrounded by professional capable of handling her complex issues. That along with your IFI team, she'll get in.