On a good day, parenting will test the integrity of your character. On a bad day, parenting will test your will to live. Parenting children with trauma histories will cause you to test the integrity of everything and everyone you thought you knew, for the rest of your life.
~J. Skrobisz

Thursday, February 4, 2010


anyone got links, books, info, what have you on neurofeedback:
1. the success rate
2. the methodology
3. the scientific research
4. how it applies to treating RADs and other psychological and developmental disorders
5. the availability of the technique
6. who is certified to administer and diagnose
7. how it pertains to correctly diagnosing disorders beyond what psychologists and psychiatrists can do and how it potentially changes the outlook of diagnostic tools for disorders in the future
8. how to get certified
9. and any thing else I missed!

I'm going to be doing my own research on the subject of course but I thought I'd give a holler here to see how the RAD mommy RADar pans out on the subject

I talked to Sissy's neurofeedback technician today and he was about ready to diagnose her with four new issues based on the read outs from her therapy and I wanted to say, "whoa Nelly, hang on a sec!" because really, can't our RADishes be diagnosed with just about EVERY thing in the books?

Gosh, when you've sat down to answer all of those crazy psychometric testing questionnaires for your kids, haven't you answered them in your head for yourself and said, "holy crap, I have all of this stuff too!" just based on those questions? Maybe it's just me because I have! lol Just last week filling out all of Aspie Boy's annual stuff his analyst and I were giggling over the fact that she and I both test out as having generalized anxiety disorder because the questions are so vague they apply to everyone.

Anyway, talk to me.
Peace out.


Jeri said...

I've not had my son do neurofeedback although it is being discussed now. We did travel to have him evaluated and me trained for neurological reorganization (physical exercises to help unfreeze the development in the brain)and it made the fastest most intense change for my son both academically and behaviorally. Unfortunately, he tends to sabotage progress...it scares him to head to healthy and normal....and when he does that, he goes even further into the abyss...that plus he did just turn thirteen. He definitely is no poster child for the program except that after two months, there were physical changes....his eyes were aligned, "the words stopped jumping around on the page" and I know that many, many families have had success and the kids can graduate from the therapy in around two years....that sounds like a long time but when you look back and think,"If I'd started this two years ago...) You can go to www.activehealing.org for more info.

Anonymous said...

I read your questions about neurofeedback with interest and concern. Readouts from the therapy sessions should never be used to "diagnose" anyone, especially by a neurofeedback "technician". Only a licensed mental health therapist or MD can diagnose. Pls make sure your neurotherapist has a license in your state to practice independently. For more information, see 2 good sites that should answer all your questions: www.TheBetterBrainCenter.com or www.aboutneurofeedback.com. Good luck!

Christine said...

I am hearing/studying/discovering much more minuscule results on neurofeedback and much, much more in the area of neurological reorganization (having been looking at and considering neurofeedback for over a year until I discovered the amazing world of neuro reorg).

Although, for some people, Mom should never be the one implementing the exercises. Depends on the amount of success you are already having with compliance (for us, in the beginning, was ZERO, but I have approaches now that allow me to do this sort of stuff now that healing has begun) Because, otherwise, it is just yet another battle to fight. However, you can easily train a college student to come in each do and do them with your child. Gets the work done without another reason to make you want to poke out your eye with a stick.

And yes, it can easily take 1.5-2 years, BUT EVERY BIT OF PROGRESS THAT IS MADE IS PERMANENT.

That's the kicker.