On a good day, parenting will test the integrity of your character. On a bad day, parenting will test your will to live. Parenting children with trauma histories will cause you to test the integrity of everything and everyone you thought you knew, for the rest of your life.
~J. Skrobisz

Monday, August 2, 2010


Sweet, the resort finally got the wifi up and running! I wasn't really looking forward to another self-imposed or accidental unplugged experience.

For now, a few pictures.

1. Sissy wearing the crown she picked out on our mother/daughter outing last week. She's looking up how to spell a word while I was cooking.  My back was turned to her so I had no idea she was doing something when she began speaking to me.
"mom? I can't find it."
"find what?"
"ugh! How to spell it!"
"how to spell which word?"
"Well, you hadn't told me, so I didn't know."
"How are you looking it up?"
"UGH! B-U ... beautiful! That's how it's said."
"hmm. Sounds that way, doesn't it. Try b-e-a"
"That word has lots of sneaky silent vowels. Just try it."
"just look and see"
*looking it up* "Oh! Here it is! finally!"

I wish we didn't have these exact exchanges every time Sissy tries to communicate! It's exhausting to stay patient! lol  To diffuse my frustration, I decided to take pictures.

2. WG playing at the computer

3.  AB drawing one more castle on the magna doodle. He obsesses over a particular image and draws it incessantly until he feels like he's perfected the design.

Our trip to the Smokies wasn't bad. But Sissy had a huge meltdown before we left. *big exasperated sigh* After all was said and done (about two hours of her screaming, defiant, disrespectful nonsense) she admitted that much of her anxiety is about school starting. I explained that I understood and that was why we saved our vacation for the last week of summer vacation before school, so we could have fun instead of laying around the house fretting. She was fine after that. But UGH! I could have done without that episode before our 5 hour road trip.

4. The three amigos watching Sponge Bob while I type this

5. Sissy and AB's meds on the counter at the resort.  It's staggering that this is what the two of them need to be functional humans.  I try not to think about it much.  It scares me. 

6. What?  Did you ask me if I brought my quilting on vacation?  Clearly you haven't been following for very long.  I have one answer for you.



Mama Drama Times Two said...

I love the grin on WG! Fierce litle spirit... Of course you pack your quilting (just as I do..) Doesn't matter if I get to it - just toting it back and forth on vacation can be soothing... It implies the INTENT to do something other than care for the kids. Glad you have this time away.

Bren said...

Smart girl bringing that quilting with you!! The kids look happy and I am glad you all get a chance to relax before the school year starts.
Is there a pill bottle there for you??? LOL Do you know how many times I have been offered drugs...not for any reason but I am raising a RAD kid. *sigh* I think I will take a big fat dose of Jesus and call it a day!

Kerrie said...

I am always amazed that when I see pictures of other RAD kids, they look EXACTLY LIKE mine. Race, age, gender, doesn't matter, they look EXACTLY ALIKE. Why is that? There must be some research in the making there. Anyone want to jump on it?

GB's Mom said...

I hope you enjoy your vacation as much as GB and I are enjoying ours :)

PS the dates on your pictures look a little screwy)

marythemom said...

Oh that conversation with Sissy so reminds me of conversations with Kitty. She just starts talking about something and it's as though you're supposed to be psychic as well as listening to the conversation in her head. I keep wanting to say, "Can I get a proper noun please?!" "And then that guy gave it to her. Would you be mad if I did that Mom?"

Mostly I just want to receive brownie points (real brownies would be fine too) or something when I somehow manage to intuit what she's talking about!

Mary in TX

Integrity Singer said...

to GB's mom: yeah, old digital camera = screwy date stamp