On a good day, parenting will test the integrity of your character. On a bad day, parenting will test your will to live. Parenting children with trauma histories will cause you to test the integrity of everything and everyone you thought you knew, for the rest of your life.
~J. Skrobisz

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Acronym Dictionary

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Acronym Assistance and Dictionary
 Listed in alphabetical order. If there are any I missed, comment and I'll add it

AB - for my blog only, AB is "aspie boy"
ABA - applied behavioral analysis, a therapy form typically used for autism
ADD/ADHD - attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactive disorder
AFO - ankle foot orthotic - a brace worn by persons with CP or chronic toe walking issues to correct or prevent the behavior
APS - adult protective services
Aspie - a term of endearment used by family members that love someone that has Asperger syndrome
Asperger Syndrome- a higher functioning form of autism. Many in this category are highly intelligent
ASD - autism spectral disorder
Axis - the DSM lists six axis levels for disorder diagnostic criteria
b.i.d. - doctor and pharmacy code for "dose a medication twice a day - morning and night"
BP - bipolar disorder (was formerly referred to as manic/depressive in the DSM)
CAFAS - child adolescent functional assessment scale - the form a core provider fills out to determine if a youth requires a PRTF
CBAY - community based alternatives for youth - a federal grant program currently in 14 states in the U.S. It is a funnel of medicaid dollars specifically for children that come out of RTC but still qualify for PRTF. The program provides wrap-around services in the youth's community. It is called different things in different states
CBT cognitive behavioral therapy
Class 5 RAD - completely made up. My daughter scores 49/50 on the RADQ. That's pretty severe so tongue-in-cheek I tell people she's a "class 5"
CIS - community intervention services
CME- care management entity
CORE - wrap around services similar to IFI but a step-down, concentrating largely on skill building
CP- cerebral palsy
CPS - child protective services
DBHDD - department of behavioral health and developmental disability
DBT - dilectical behavioral therapy - a form of CBTs that uses acronyms to guide a patient through a coping skill. (ie)STAR = stop, think, assess, react
DD - developmental delay
DFACS - Department of Family and Children's Services same as CPS but different states call it different things.
DHS - department of Health Services
DID - dissociative identity disorder, formerly referred to as multiple personality disorder
DSM - the mental health and developmental delay Dx "bible"
Dx - diagnosis
EBD - an IEP plan for emotional and behaviorally disturbed students
ER - emergency room
FASD- fetal alcohol spectral disorder
FFCMH -  National Federation of Families for Childrens Mental Health
F-G syndrome - the F and the G stand for the last names of the two first people to be diagnosed with this genetic syndrome
FSP - family support provider
FTM - family team meeting
GI - gastrointestinal; many kids with DD and/or genetic syndromes have chronic GI issues
HFA - high functioning autism
Hippotherapy - horseback riding therapy for disabled or impaired persons
IED - Intermittent explosive disorder
IEP- individual education plan
IFI - intensive family intervention which includes in-home family therapy, individual therapy and skill building activities
LIPT - Local Interagency Planning Team; a local interagency that staffs a case and determines what resources are available for that child in the community.
NTs - a blog and SPED mom slang for "neurotypical" or persons without developmental delay or mental health issues
MH - mental health
MHDDAD - mental health,developmental disabilities, addictive diseases
MR - mental retardation, typically considered at IQs 70 or lower
Mood Disorder - NOS - NOS just means 'not otherwise specified" this Dx simply means there isn't enough clinical evidence or time to determine the level of mood disorder
NAMI - national alliance on mental illness
OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder
ODD - oppositional defiance disorder
OHI - an IEP plan for other health impaired students
OT - occupational therapy
PDD-NOS - pervasive developmental delay not otherwise specified
pdoc - blog speak for "psychiatrist"
PRTF - psychiatric residential treatment facility
PT - physical therapy
PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder
q.AM - doctor and pharmacy code for "dose a medication in the morning"
q.h.s. - doctor and pharmacy code for "dose a medication in the evening"
RAD - reactive attachment disorder (but also reactive AIRWAY DYSFUNCTION for sever asthmatics so be sure to specify when you're at the ER or you might be greeted by a pulmonologist)
RADQ - the psychometric evaluation that evaluates whether or not a child has enough symptoms to be clinically diagnosed with RAD
RTC - residential treatment center
RTI - response to intervention - a four tiered academic plan for at-risk students to determine what level of additional academic assistance they need. Tier 4 students have an IEP
Rx - prescription
SAMHSA- substance abuse and mental health service agency
SIB - self-injurous behavior
SPED - special education or sometimes used to refer to a person or group that work with students or have a family member that requires special education
TL - therapeutic leave; when a family member can take a youth or adolescent away from the RTC for an outing or overnight
WG - for my blog only, WG is "wonder girl"
wrap services - services in a community that include psychiatry, psychology, therapy, community programs, etc. that help integrate a troubled youth back into a normal community and home lifestyle. 
504 - the number of the amendment to the constitution that specifically addresses the rights of disabled citizens - a disabled child that does not qualify for an IEP can get academic accommodations through this avenue


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