On a good day, parenting will test the integrity of your character. On a bad day, parenting will test your will to live. Parenting children with trauma histories will cause you to test the integrity of everything and everyone you thought you knew, for the rest of your life.
~J. Skrobisz

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Are you using geodon for your kids? I'd love your opinion on the drug and how it affects your child. Feel free to email directly if you'd rather discuss off-blog for privacy reasons.

 Sissy is titrating off resperidal and onto geodon.  Max dose after full titration will be 60mg.  Then we watch/observe for two weeks before we add more.

titrating meds on an already disregulated child... yeah.  I'd rather get a deep cleaning at the dentist, thank you.

Biggest symptom right now - hyperspazz and quick rage flash (and that would be uber quick because she usually goes flight/fight rage in 3 seconds)  Today was a rage in the school parking lot before I even got them home.  Fun, fun.

All I've got to say is, thank goodness for the safe room because when we got home, she flew into the house, heaving backpack across the living room and slamming the door behind her.  

*nonchalant glance at WG with a shrug of my shoulder while we stood in the front entryway bewildered* "So... how was YOUR day?" 

WG gave the typical response after Sissy goes to rage. Her facial expression says, seriously?  you're going to ask me that particular question right NOW?  complete with a dramatic dip of the chin and an upward glance of the eye followed by a shoulder shrug rebuttal and a roll of the eyes.

And that's all the time I'm going to devote to Sissy-speak for today.

 Here's some photos of the things I'm going to be working.

Sissy's teacher is having a baby girl sometime before spring.  She was her teacher last year too and my personal rule is, if you have to teach my kid two years in a row, you get perks.  (this has actually happened before when Sissy and AB ended up with the same first grade teacher)
Color swatches for the baby quilt
 180 cut blocks - 3 inch finished squares
 The finished quilt will be a random block pattern with a 3 inch border and matching binding and back in the maize/salmon floral print.  Finished size: 45x60

Turkey Panel with 9, 6 inch complimentary squares
 Am I the only weirdo that has to map out her quilt plans on graph paper BEFORE she cuts and quilts?
 The turkey panel was a door prize at last year's quilt retreat.  True to my original plan, I will be making a hanging panel for my kitchen for every month.  Turkey will obviously be November to honor US Thanksgiving.  (I know my Canadian readers just celebrated thanksgiving on Monday so HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!)

And because I'm notorious at scrounging for end of bolt bits, I made this last night for WG.  She has outgrown her baby size polar fleece throw and is making noises about wanting a room update (it's pink and purple vertical stripes with three foot Dora painted on the wall.  UCK.  She is a tomboy.)


~Dinah said...

Ok, I don't know how you make the time!! I started learning to quilt right before Brendon came into our lives and things have pretty much been on hold for the last 6 years. You're inspiring me to look into another class or something fun that holds me accountable! :) BTW: You do beautiful work!

GB's Mom said...

I wish I had talent!

Mama Drama Times Two said...

I think the graph paper thing has to do with your inner math/science geek goddess. Cute and cozy fleece throw. It is so nice to see your quilting - knowing you are taking time to do the things you love.

Tudu said...

We had a heck of a time with med changes. with Patches. So bad she begs us hospitalize her. Hang in there.

marythemom said...

Our kids came to us on Geodon. It worked OK for them, but we had some serious issues with joint pain as they got into the higher doses.

My son who was very prone to psycho somatic pain had major issues with his shoulders and knees and we ignored it because we didn't believe him. (Guilt!) My daughter's issues also effected her jaw (it would actually freeze up and she couldn't close it or swallow and would cry and drool.

Both kids were put on Cogentin to deal with the side effects and kept on the meds for a long time (this still blows my mind!). We finally got good diagnoses (bipolar disorder) and we switched them to different meds.

Mary in TX

Integrity Singer said...

@ Dinah - lol. i didn't make time for a LONG time. Bren (life with a little sass) encouraged me to get back to it as therapy for myself. So I force myself to find the time. But that means I'm usually up late drinking drugs (coffee). But the trade off is worth it.

G Mama Love said...

OOH, of course: graph paper. Ok I just had an aha moment! ;)

Erin said...

Beautiful work. Her teacher is going to cry - what a wonderful gift.

kisekileia said...

I LOVE Geodon, but I take it for totally different reasons that have nothing to do with psychosis or mood stabilization.

Have you ever made a weighted blanket for any of your kids? They're used in sensory integration treatment and they feel lovely.

Integrity Singer said...

@kisekileia - AB has a weighted vest. He's got strange issues with blanketing and prefers only super worn out, practically thread bare 100% cotton comforters that he cocoons himself in. Has ALWAYS been this way, from birth.

Sissy likes soft, soft, soft, soft, soft, bury-her-head-in-it-soft

which is so funny because AB says he's "allergic" to soft. It literally sends him into OCD sneezing fits that are psychosomatic

Ranger said...

Gorgeous quilt! I just found your blog and I'm reading through with my mouth open going - how does a mom DO this 24/7? You awe me. Seriously. And your Wonder Girl sounds such a sweetheart.

Meg said...

I don't know many people whose kids have done well on Geodon - and I do know some whose kids it made manic. However, that really doesn't mean anything because each child is so different. So, I'm not even sure why I said anything. I've heard of a lot of adults that have good success with it.

kisekileia said...


Integrity Singer said...

@ Ranger - LOL! Thanks!

I was just saying to my hubby last night, "you know, if another woman tried to live my life..."

he interrupted and finished my sentence "... she'd never survive."

Which begs the question, How on earth do I?!? lol It has always bugged me when people say, god will never give you more than you can handle because I just want to say back "Ok, I can't handle this."

but they'd just retort, "but that's just it, God wouldn't give you more than you can handle, you're handling it, you can do it"

and I have three retorts (but I always do number three)
#1: flip them the finger
#2: ask them to support their statement with scripture
#3: smile glibly and walk away while thinking, sh!thead! Living a happy little life that they say God gave them because that's what they can "handle" and I'm living THIS life.

Mel ~ said...

OMG, You are so grounded, so real, and so true! I love your last comment here as I HATE the sentiment that "God only gives you..." Oh Yeah?! I have tears in my eyes now; I think I NEED you in my life!
I'm a mom of two children ages 8 and 9.5 with recent diagnoses of bipolar disorder. They are both on a cocktail of Risperidone, Zoloft and Adderall, but we are not stable...

I am so glad that I found you in this web of bloggy-blog. I'm a relatively newbie blogger, but come see me as I muse and meander...