On a good day, parenting will test the integrity of your character. On a bad day, parenting will test your will to live. Parenting children with trauma histories will cause you to test the integrity of everything and everyone you thought you knew, for the rest of your life.
~J. Skrobisz

Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm Gonna Be RICH!

Yesterday was a half day, the county was doing in-house teacher work days so the children got sent home at 11:35 and 12:15 respectively.  Which meant I had to find a substitute for my classes because our private school doesn't do in-house days.

I took advantage of the extra time and went to the music store to purchase the mouth piece for AB's Baritone.  Yep.  AB is in band and playing the Baritone.  It is SO.STINKIN'.COOL!  Except for the cost. EEK. A mouthpiece cost $60 and that was the discounted price.

The kids were bustling around the store looking at all the instruments and music books.  It was fun to be in there with them.  When I was in school I played piano and sang and the music store always felt like a safe, friendly place.  So much potential for greatness just at my fingertips.

Sissy had the same buzz.  She ran to me waving a Beatles Anthology music book.  "MOM!  Can I buy this?"

OK, first of all, Sissy is perpetually broke because she can.not.handle.money.ever.  (Side note: this week she told me she wanted to run for student council: assistant treasurer.  No, I didn't laugh at her.  I kept my composure but it was hard to do.)  My reply, "Uh, you don't play guitar."

"Oh."  She spun around and looked at the wall of hanging guitars.  "Can I get a guitar so I can play this?!?" She shook the music book in the air over her head.


"But mom..."

"My name's not butmom."


I turned to pay for the purchase while the three of them wandered into the guitar room.  I took a few deep breaths and walked over to them, receipt in hand.


"yes. they are beautiful guitars."

They erupted into a chorus of pleas that I make purchases of $1200 guitars for each of them.  Even the ukeleles were $100.  I smiled sweetly and remarked that they really were lovely and so cool and yes who wouldn't want to have one and of course it would be fun to learn to play.

I managed to get them out of the store, Sissy still stuck on how she was going to save all her money and buy a guitar and the Beatles music book and then, just as we pushed entered the parking lot she exclaims, "I'm going to be RICH!!!!!"

"Ok.  How, exactly?"

"Everyone loves the Beatles.  They're famous!"

"Still don't so how that will make YOU rich."

"UGH!  The Beatles are FAMOUS!  I'm going to make so much money!"


"I'm going to learn how to play guitar and then play the Beatles music and people will pay me!!!"


"Because it's Beatles music!"

"But you're not a Beatle."

"I'll be playing Beatles music!"  then to herself, "All the girls are going to be crying."

"YOU'RE a girl.  Why would the girls cry when YOU play the Beatles music when you're not a Beatle?"

"Because that's what girls do.  They cry when they see the Beatles."

"You're not a Beatle.  You'll be Sissy playing Beatles music."

"STILL!  They'll cry."

"And HOW are you going to make money?

"They'll pay me $5."


"Yeah!  So they can let me teach them how to play Beatles music!"

"It may take you awhile to become rich at that rate."

"STILL!  I'm going to be rich.  And FAMOUS!"

"Can I have your autograph when you're rich and famous?  And will you buy me a new car?"


We all got into the van and as I buckled up I realized just how hard it is to keep a straight face.  When she's a giant toddler it can be very amusing!

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